How Lucky Am I?

How lucky am I to do this amazing work that I do with women.  I say women because it seems that women are more likely to ask for help compared to men.  However, because we are dealing with chronic disorganization or hoarding, sometimes people don’t really want help or see that there is a problem.   So there are other factors that hopefully will motivate an individual to do the work to improve their home environment and their activities of daily living.

If the Fire Department or Property Management has become involved due to a complaint then often an individual has a certain timeline to get their place up to code which has to do with safety for that individual as well as others who live in the building or house.   The safety code has guidelines such as three feet wide pathways, no more than three feet deep of belongings, all exits clear, stove clear and any other ignition or heat sources clear to name a few.   This can be an overwhelming task for someone who has issues with hoarding and difficulties with discarding.

This is where I come in to help.  If an individual is facing eviction they can be very appreciative that someone will help them.  I help people deal with the emotional side of hoarding and of course I also can help with physically removing items as well.  I help people to become more aware of their actions, their behaviours and their emotions.   This work is based on a cognitive behavioral therapy model and has been shown that it is the most effective treatment.

I get to work with women who are getting better, achieving success and moving forward in their lives, women who share some of their most intimate and vulnerable issues and challenges with me.  I am in the position of being able to offer help and support and seeing them smile at the end of our session knowing that maybe they feel that there is a ray of hope and that their situation can improve.   I love helping people to make space for what is important to them in their life.

About Kimberley

I am a Case Manager at My Sisters' Place which is a program of the Canadian Mental Health Association London Middlesex. My Sisters' Place is a program for vulnerable women. I love my job and all the wonderful women I work with. I am very honored to do this work with women who have been through so much and are so open in sharing their stories. I initiated and designed a Clearing Clutter Support Group which I have been facilitating since 2007 with a co-worker. I love running this group and learn so much from the participants. We offer this eight week program three or four times a year. I started my business Space For You in 2010 and work with individuals in their homes as well as offer some workshops in the community. I am available to speak to groups on "De-Cluttering Your Life", "The Magic of De-Cluttering", "Space Clearing" or really anything to do with clutter and hoarding.
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