Changing Up the Energy in Your Space

I love changing up the energy in my space whenever I can.  I love to change the look of things, moving around furniture, renovating, decluttering and bringing in the new.  I love it when I can redecorate using what I already have and I feel a sense of satisfaction in not having to purchase more “stuff”  Not that I don’t like shopping and that can really come later after I have really examined my space and figured out what will really be a benefit.   It gives me such a new perspective on how I see my surroundings and can really change how I feel about myself and for what I want in my life.  Even just a different place to sit can give a totally different viewpoint.

Changing up your space in order to create something new, for example, maybe a new seating area so that you can have a visit with a friend or your very own spot to meditate or to contemplate life.

Spring is upon us and I can hardly wait to have my windows open and air out my place.  Lighting incense and candles can be another way to create a mood or a feeling that can bring about some lightness.   It can really be all about getting the energy moving which can be achieved by vacuuming, sweeping, shaking out rugs and dusting.  I know that doesn’t sound like much fun but it prevents things from getting stagnant.

What are you doing to change up the energy in your space?

About Kim

I am a Clutter Coach and an Expert on Clutter, Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding. My passion is working with individuals to help them to clear the physical and emotional clutter in their lives. I facilitate a Clearing Clutter Support Group which has helped hundreds of individuals to make positive changes in their homes and life. I credit the individuals I have met through my work in mental health for teaching me empathy, compassion and that all of us have strengths that can help us to achieve our goals. I work with individuals in their homes as well as offer workshops in the community. I would love to come out to speak to your group on How to Declutter Your Life and Mind.
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