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What is underneath the clutter?

What is underneath the clutter?  What do you think your clutter is trying to tell you?  What are the messages in your clutter?  Do you ever wonder why you are keeping so many things? Think about this statement for a minute.  What do you think? How does … Continue reading

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Happy Spring Clearing: Physical and Emotional Clutter

It’s that time of year again when we feel motivated to make some changes in our lives.  How do we move the physical clutter and what happens when we do?  What about the emotional clutter that tends to come up? … Continue reading

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Happy New Clearing

I love the idea of clearing out the old energy and making room for the new. But really, how do you do this and what does it really mean for you?  I don’t believe in New Years’ Resolutions.  I am … Continue reading

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Getting Motivated with a To Do List

Getting motivated can be the most difficult part.  Have you ever found yourself saying “I am going to get up off this sofa and get started on cleaning, laundry, de-cluttering, as soon as I am done playing on facebook, reading blogs, … Continue reading

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3 Ways To Be More Grounded and Organized

As I write this post, I need to feel grounded, centered, calm and landed.  Just breathe!!   Sometimes, I really do feel that I am all over the map.  So many things to do, so little “spare” time and so many … Continue reading

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Speakers Boot Camp

This is my talk that I did at Speakers Boot Camp. I have to say it was a great experience and I know the more I put myself out there, the easier it gets.   I find it difficult to talk … Continue reading

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De-Cluttering From the Inside Out

It’s funny where this work takes you.  I seem to have veered off the path somewhat but not in a bad way.  I think this has been partly to do with my work with the “Eco-Organizing” Workshops that I have … Continue reading

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