Do you feel overwhelmed by clutter – but you’re not sure how to start clearing it?

Do you have too much stuff and not enough space to store it?

Do you have so much emotional clutter going on that you feel stuck in your life?

Are you really motivated to do something about your clutter?

You will be amazed at how much space you can create for what you really want in your life.

If you – or someone you know – need help overcoming extreme clutter or hoarding disorder, I can help. If you have trouble finding things in your home – or you’re spending more time avoiding your home because you don’t want to face the clutter you may be ready to make space for you.

I specialize in:

  •  Chronic Disorganization
  •  Compulsive Hoarding
  •  Physical and Mental Health Challenges
  •  Individual and Group Support

“Space For You” was born after working with a client whose place was so crowded with stuff that she just had a little space for herself. She had a chair to sit on and a very busy end table which held her coffee and cigarettes. She had a small space on the couch where she slept as her bed and mattress was always in some sort of disarray and covered in clothing, books, you name it.   She had to move a pile of things to allow me to sit down usually on a rocking chair.  Whenever this client had to get up to do or get something (or look for something which was often the case) she was at risk of falling or having things fall on her.  In fact, she did have some injuries at one time from tripping and falling over her stuff.  She was very creative and had very big ideas and dreams of how she wanted her place to look.

With support she was able to make some small changes in her apartment.  She was holding on to some bikes for her grandchildren who she did not see.  One day there were some children playing in the courtyard in front of her apartment and she decided to give the bicycles to these children. She felt so good about doing this.  This was a huge step for her and after that she was able to let more things go.  Her goal was to sleep in her bed in her bedroom and not on the couch.  We were able to get her place to the point where she was able to create the space she wanted in her bedroom and was able to sleep in her bed.

We all need to put ourselves first and figure out what it is that makes us happy and comfortable.  What kind of space do you want to create for yourself?  I can help you to make that space for you!    My passion is to help you to make Space For You!!  I will help you to clear the clutter and heal your life!!

You can contact me at 519-453-1068 or email me at kimtremblay@sympatico.ca

or join my facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/KimSpaceForYou/