Are you feeling overwhelmed and stuck because of physical or emotional clutter?

Do you have too much stuff and not enough space to store it?

Are you feeling motivated to do something about your clutter?

I can help you to create more space for what you truly want in your life and home.

I specialize in:

  •  Chronic Disorganization
  •  Hoarding Disorder
  •  Physical and Mental Health Challenges
  •  Individual, Family and Group Support
  •  Speaking Engagements – Declutter Your Life and Mind and The Magic of Decluttering

We all need to put ourselves first and figure out what it is that makes us happy and comfortable.  I can help you to make that space for you!  I can help you to get out from the overwhelm that is holding you back from living your best life. I would love to work with you and to inspire you to clear the clutter and heal your life!!

Services offered include assessments and intake, individual coaching and support in your home, (virtually or in person), workshops, and seminars, speaking engagements for business or personal interest groups.

New!!  I am so excited to be offering Virtual Organizing/Coaching Services (online).  

Virtual Organizing is the process of helping you to become organized remotely using technology like your telephone, email, digital photos, videos, and video calls ie: Zoom or FaceTime.  Virtual Organizing includes support, structure, timing, goals and accountability. The only difference is you do the physical organizing and I will  provide guidance and support.

There are many benefits to Virtual Organizing/Coaching.  

  • Cost effective because you are doing the work but with guidance from me
  • Great for a tight schedule
  • You can live anywhere in the world and get some help
  • Having to be accountable will be a huge motivator for you 

Virtual Organizing/Coaching is for you if you:  

  • are motivated to work on your own
  • are willing to do some homework
  • have computer access (preferably an iPad or iPhone) and are somewhat computer savvy (shared pictures are so helpful)
  • have accessibility to FaceTime or Zoom (you will likely need a data plan)
  • need some help with accountability and maintenance 

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Coming January 2020 – Support Group for Family Members Impacted by Hoarding – please contact me if you would like more information – group will be held in London, Ontario

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