Spa Day Without the Spa

A Spa Day Without the Spa
Usually, when we have a day off, what do we do, laundry, housework, gardening, grocery shopping, etc.  I decided that for my birthday this year, I would take the day off and just do whatever I want and just see what happens.  I decided I would do some things that I think about doing but I never do.
So, I decided to go to the Covent Garden Market, parked at the Galleria where I would have 2 hours free parking and I could end there to return my overdue movies.  I am not sure why but the Market always causes me some anxiety.  I guess it is outside my comfort zone in a way, very overwhelming, it’s expensive and it feels like I am not sure whether I belong there or not. 
So, I am thinking that I need to purchase something if I am going to sit at a table, however, I already have had a few cups of coffee so that is not appealing.  How about a smoothie?  Thats a good idea since all I had for breakfast was a bowl of hot cereal.  So, how much is it for a small smoothie?   $5 .75, holy moly, and this is a small, hence the anxiety, oh well, it is my birthday so why not splurge.
It was thoroughly enjoyable and wonderful to sit and people watch and write and enjoy my strawberry, pineapple, blueberry smoothie (totally worth it) and just realize that nobody really cares that I am there which really is not a bad thing.  I felt like a tourist in my own city.  How great is that? 
So then I head to the London Public Library (another place I don’t usually visit).  I used to work at the  Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre and often leisurely browsed the bookshelves during a break and would take home a few books on weekends to savour.  However, that was six years ago and I really miss having that option these days.  Anyway, so I go to the clerk and ask about a certain book I would like to reserve and then I give her my overdue movies.  She asks if it is my birthday today and I say yes, it is and I tell her that I am taking a “me day” and she says kind of like a “spa day without the spa” and yes I agree with her totally.  She says well in that case she will waive my fees.  “Sweet” This day is going so well!!
I still have some time to spend before my free parking runs out so I find some movies and peruse the bookshelves and find the “Home Organizing” section – I know, I am weird, but I am so in HEAVEN.  So, I find a few books with great pictures and it just feels like old times for me. 
Okay, so now parking is over, and not sure what is next for my day.  I am thinking that perhaps I could find some free parking and then walk around downtown, check out some new stores, have a coffee and then maybe find somewhere to have lunch.  I find some parking west of Talbot on Central (free of course) and then walk down Central and then notice Mandela Bookshop.  Well, that might be better than Chapters (I was thinking about going there later today and that would be very much in my comfort zone)  so I went into Mandela and was in heaven once again checking out all of their wonderful books.  Then I heard a voice that I recognized and it was one of my dear friends who I had just had an email chat with and we had a great hug and chat.  Also, a lovely chat with the owner who had a donation for us at My Sisters` Place that I could take back to my workplace for the amazing women I work with.
Then, my phone rang and it was my son, Tyler, wishing me Happy Birthday, how cute is that?  Asked him if Tiffany, his girlfriend had put him up to this?  He laughed and said of course not, but she was there with him.  I told him that I had taken the day off and was currently browsing in a bookshop, it really doesn’t get any better than that in my mind.  It took me awhile but I found myself a wonderful book to purchase and was on my way.  Tyler called again and said “mom, what are you doing? And where are you?”  He said that both Tiffany and him had the day off and were going to the matinee for the afternoon and would I like to join them? Well, of course, I would join them and they bought me lunch which was a piece of pizza and a huge pop and we went to see a movie.  Okay, not the kind of movie I would choose, which Tyler did acknowledge saying “this is probably not the kind of movie my mom would choose, but hey, she went with me to see Trailer Park Boys so I am sure she will be fine” and I was just so happy to be with them and I have a sense that we are going to be spending a lot more time together.  All in all I had the most wonderful day!!  
I can hardly wait to have a day like this again where you just don’t know what will happen and really it just has a life of its own.  Just go with the flow and its all good!!

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Kim Tremblay is a Master Organizer and a Clutter Coach. She has worked with individuals helping them clear the physical and emotional clutter from their lives since 2008. Kim founded and co-facilitated a Clearing Clutter Support Group which has helped hundreds of individuals to make positive changes in their lives. Kim is currently working virtually with clients helping them to clear the emotional and/or physical clutter from their lives. Kim is available to speak to your group about all things organizing.
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