Why Space For You?

I know you are all wondering how I came up with a name like “Space For You” for my business.  Well, I  was working with a client whose place was so crowded with stuff that she just had this little space for herself.   She had a chair to sit on and a very busy end  table which held her coffee and cigarettes.  She had a little space on the couch where she  slept as her bed and mattress was always in some sort of disarray.   She had to move a pile of stuff to allow me to sit down usually on a rocking chair.
Whenever this client had to get up to do or get something (or look for  something which was often the case) she was at risk of falling or having things fall on her.   In fact, she did have some  injuries at one time from tripping and falling over her stuff.  She was very creative and had very big ideas and dreams of how she wanted her place to look.
So, I would work with her and ask questions like “what do  you want for yourself”, “ how do you want your life to look” , “how do you make  space for you” and “what would you like  to make space for”.  After awhile she was able to make some small changes.
She was holding on to some bikes for her grandchildren who she did not see and one day there were some children playing in the courtyard in front of her apartment and she decided to give the bicycles to these children.  That was a such a huge step for her and I
felt very proud of her for being able to do that.  I really feel that we need to be able to put ourselves first and figure out what it is that makes us happy and comfortable.  What kind of space do we want to create for ourselves and how can we make that space for us.  So, my mission and goal is to help you to make Space For You!!

About Kim

I am a Clutter Coach and an Expert on Clutter, Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding. My passion is working with individuals to help them to clear the physical and emotional clutter in their lives. I facilitate a Clearing Clutter Support Group which has helped hundreds of individuals to make positive changes in their homes and life. I credit the individuals I have met through my work in mental health for teaching me empathy, compassion and that all of us have strengths that can help us to achieve our goals. I work with individuals in their homes as well as offer workshops in the community. I would love to come out to speak to your group on How to Declutter Your Life and Mind.
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4 Responses to Why Space For You?

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love learning how people came up with their business names.

  2. Kim says:

    Thanks for commenting Janet – That was just really one of the reasons for getting into this work but definitely helped me come up with my business name. That sure feels like a long time ago. Hey, maybe that’s a good question for the Blogging Group?

  3. That’s a great business name, and a nice story behind the name. Thanks for sharing!

    • Kimberley says:

      Thank you so much Nancy – It was interesting because I didn’t even really think about the name and this name came to me and I thought that is the one – I really appreciate your comment.

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