Fun with Laundry, Not!!

Let’s talk about laundry.  Clean laundry, dirty laundry, clothes that no longer fit, etc.   Clean laundry, for example, if you don’t have room in your closet or drawers it can be a challenge to figure out what to do with it and then sometimes the clean clothes get mixed up with the dirty ones and then you are in a big mess.  Also, if you have to pay to get your laundry done and money is tight this can be low on the priority list.  So, this might be something to think about especially if you are needing to get some control over your laundry pile.

The challenge might be that you have to take your laundry to a laundramat.  This can be difficult especially if you have mobility issues or you are dealing with a lot of pain.  You may need to ask for some help with this.  Another issue might be that you have a lot of dirty clothes that no longer fit or that you know you don’t want and really you don’t want to spend the money on cleaning them.  Group members have said that some charities don’t mind taking dirty clothes as they do wash everything but you might want to check first.

Or maybe you have clothes that you paid a lot of money for and you have no place to wear them.  I actually have a few ball gowns hanging around because I used to attend balls with my military husband. They may come in handy for another type of event I would attend though lol!!  I work with a woman who used to be active in the sex trade and she has a lot of beautiful clothes that she paid a lot of money for.  She is not able to part with these and says “she just wants to get her life back”  Selling them is an option but most of the women I work with do not have their own computer and they are not computer savvy.

I have worked with numerous clients who have empty dresser drawers because they are worried that if they put items in there they won’t be able to find them later.  So, this has to do with having a system for sorting and then remembering so that you can find items when you need them.  “Like with Like” is always a good place to start, however we know that people with “chronic disorganization” tend to come up with many categories for items ie: sizes, colour, seasonal, future plans, etc.  Try to keep things as simple as possible.  That is why “Less can be more”  Simplify, Simplify!!

Would love to hear your thoughts.  Can you relate to this?  Please comment below!!

About Kim

Kim Tremblay is a Master Organizer and a Clutter Coach. She has worked with individuals helping them clear the physical and emotional clutter from their lives since 2008. Kim founded and co-facilitated a Clearing Clutter Support Group which has helped hundreds of individuals to make positive changes in their lives. Kim is currently working virtually with clients helping them to clear the emotional and/or physical clutter from their lives. Kim is available to speak to your group about all things organizing.
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3 Responses to Fun with Laundry, Not!!

  1. perry says:

    Hi sis loye u your bro.

  2. sage_brush says:

    I have always followed the 1 year rule. Not worn in a year – out it goes. I manage to keep my clothing in a small closet in my historic home, with no problems. I still need to do 4-5 loads every day though. I’m super clean, never reuse towels, and we only use cloth napkins and such, which require washing. Pitching is therapeutic! Nice blog! 🙂

    • Kimberley says:

      Awesome!! It can be a challenge to keep your clothing to a small closet especially for women lol Sounds like you have a system that works for you. Thanks for responding 🙂

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