Help Card for Emotional Shoppers


Do you need to cut down on your shopping?  Do you find yourself shopping to avoid uncomfortable feelings?  Are you in debt over your ears? ugh!!  Here is some help in the form of a card that you can cut out and fold over your debit or credit card to help you when you are having a weak moment over whether you should be purchasing an item or not.

Non-Acquiring Help Card

My goals for reducing acquiring are:

  1. __________________________________________
  2. __________________________________________
  3. __________________________________________

I want to achieve these goals because:

  1.  __________________________________________
  2. __________________________________________
  3. __________________________________________

I cannot get this unless:

  • I plan to use it within the next month.
  • I have enough money right now to pay for it.
  • I have a place to put it so it doesn’t add to the clutter.
  • I am sure I truly want this and will not return it.
  • Acquiring this item is consistent with my goals and values for my life.
  • I have a true NEED, not just a wish, for this item.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I already own something similar?
  • Am I buying this because I feel bad (angry, depressed,
  • etc.) right now?
  • Will I regret getting this in a week?
  • Could I manage without it?
  • Do I have enough time to fix/use this, or do I have more
  •  important priorities?
  • Do I want it just because I’m looking at it now?
  • Will not getting this help me solve my hoarding problem?
  • ______________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________

Would this card help you to think twice about your purchases?  I would love to hear from you.   Please add your comments below……

About Kim

I am a Clutter Coach and an Expert on Clutter, Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding. My passion is working with individuals to help them to clear the physical and emotional clutter in their lives. I facilitate a Clearing Clutter Support Group which has helped hundreds of individuals to make positive changes in their homes and life. I credit the individuals I have met through my work in mental health for teaching me empathy, compassion and that all of us have strengths that can help us to achieve our goals. I work with individuals in their homes as well as offer workshops in the community. I would love to come out to speak to your group on How to Declutter Your Life and Mind.
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2 Responses to Help Card for Emotional Shoppers

  1. I’m currently reading “Shopaholic Takes Manhattan” and although it’s entertaining, I sometimes get a pit in my stomach when I see Becky’s debt load increasing exponentially. She could definitely use one of these cards!

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