How to Get Grounded and Be More Organized

When it comes to decluttering, do you ever feel like you are all over the map and you just don’t know where to start?  It just all feels so overwhelming at times.  So how do we get focused to do the work that we need to do?  Let’s take a breath together and think about how we can feel more grounded and organized.  Just Breathe!  Awe. That feels better already!

I believe that feeling grounded is the key to being able to focus on what you truly want, figuring out what your priority is and knowing where you want to spend your energy and time.  It can help you to feel more organized because you are more in control of yourself and your surroundings.  Remember where your attention goes, energy flows.  So, the more you focus on what you want, the more you will start to see the fruits of your labour.

Here are some ideas for being grounded and getting more organized:

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Grounding/Meditation – This is an exercise we did every week in the Clearing Clutter Support Group and it would happen after a short break.  Participants have been given a lot of information about clutter, we have had some intense conversations and also there can be some worries about what is going to come next.  This grounding/meditation helps everyone to get back together, to feel calm, focused and grounded.

Here is an example.  In this meditation  you will feel more focussed and calm and ready to do the work that you need to do.  Enjoy!

A. W.W.  – I participated in a Mindfulness Meditation course which was AWWsome!!!  Actually, this course really helped me personally in numerous ways.  It also has helped me in my work with clients.  This great little tool is something we practiced on a daily basis and is really helpful in scanning your body and paying attention to triggers and emotions that come up.  A.W.W.  stands for:

A – Are you breathing? 

Lets hope so but often and especially if we are stressed, we tend to hold our breath and are not really aware of it.

W – Where am I breathing? 

Most of us are breathing up in our chest which really can cause a lot of anxiety.  You really want to be breathing more in your belly.

W – What am I feeling? 

So important and so challenging at times.  I think we often don’t know what we are feeling or we just want the uncomfortable feelings to go away.  This can really help us with being okay with those not so nice feelings.   You can do this exercise anytime.  Even while you are driving.

The Present Moment  –  I know, I know, you have heard this a thousand times.  It sounds so easy but it is definitely challenging.  Being in the present can mean really looking at what is going on for you today, what is most important for you to focus on and just living day to day.  

When you think about clutter it often is about the past and the future.  It is never about the present moment.  When we think about the past, we may be thinking about happier times, good memories, when we were thinner, about people who have passed or other losses. 

In thinking about the future, it often is about a dream of what we could do “someday”.  “I am keeping this because someday I will have a bigger house or I am going to be an amazing artist someday.”  Well, I hate to burst your bubble but someday is today. We need to focus on what we can do today.  What can I focus on in my home today that will make a difference in my life?  One woman in our group said “Someday is not a day”.  It can get to the point when you need to be brutally honest with yourself.  Am I really going to do this thing?  If not, can you let go of the dream?

What are some of your ideas for being more grounded?  Do you feel these ideas can help you to be more organized?  Please post your thoughts below!!  Thanks so much for following along.

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About Kim

Kim Tremblay is a Master Organizer and a Clutter Coach. She has worked with individuals helping them clear the physical and emotional clutter from their lives since 2008. Kim founded and co-facilitated a Clearing Clutter Support Group which has helped hundreds of individuals to make positive changes in their lives. Kim is currently working virtually with clients helping them to clear the emotional and/or physical clutter from their lives. Kim is available to speak to your group about all things organizing.
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10 Responses to How to Get Grounded and Be More Organized

  1. Seana Tirner says:

    I love that you do the meditation exercise after heavy discussion. That can be such a vulnerable moment, so it is good to reset and sort of be open to letting go anything that felt difficult and being open to something new ahead. I believe that meditating, praying, and breathing are all powerful tools for being grounded, as is focusing on the present. You are SO RIGHT that clutter is often not about the present moment, and even acknowledging that can be powerful. I also think there is power in just getting outside and looking at nature. Somehow this puts issues around physical belongings in perspective.

    • Kim says:

      Hi Seana, Thank you for adding a few more tools for being grounded. I love the power of nature as well. It is so good for the soul and body.

  2. I was taught grounding meditation from my dad who was a part-time yoga instructor when I was a kid. It does help ground my energy. Now, this meditation has been ingrained in me and I use it often. Thank you for sharing these important meditation options. We need it right now.

  3. This is an area I need to work on and I really like the AWW exercise.

    • Kim says:

      AWW thanks so much. I find I often need a reminder. It all sounds so easy but really it isn’t. It takes commitment and routine (habit) or sometimes just out of a need. Thanks for commenting Janet

  4. I love all of the ideas you shared about how to feel grounded and calm. I’ve been doing mindfulness meditation for several years now and don’t know how I’d manage without it. More recently, I started practicing yoga. My teacher does a lot of work with the breath. He has us breathing in areas of our body that I didn’t know could receive the breath. Aside from meditation and yoga, I also find being outside in nature to be grounding. I love walking, sitting, writing, or just being- able to hear the leaves rustle and the water lap against the shore.

    Wishing you all the best as you ground yourself and help others to do it too.

  5. Melanie says:

    I love this! I use breath in as many areas of my life as possible. I was a ballet dancer and I would’ve never made it through a day without proper breath!!! It helps with patience and calm in my life too!

  6. These are great ideas for all types of situations, including decluttering and organizing. Just a few minutes spent getting grounded can bring your focus on what is needed.

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