Do you have trouble with focus?

This was me last weekend – funny story 

“So today I am watering my plants and I notice a big branch has broken off my Christmas cactus. I am thinking okay well I will take that branch and some flowers that have wilted out to the compost area.  Then I notice a beach ball in the back yard and I know it belongs to the neighbours so I throw it over the fence. I then go into the house and I want to look for some herbs to make a special tea and there are all these donations in the way. So I decide to take the donations out to the car. Then oh no!  I see the beach ball blowing down the road.  I put the donations in the car and then I notice that the beach ball has stopped right in front of the other neighbours house. So I start to hobble (still healing from a broken ankle) and just as I get close to the beach ball a huge wind comes. Beach ball continues to head down the street. Hopefully it finds a new home.” 

I actually ended up doing some yard work which was not on my radar at all but it was a beautiful day and I could see what needed to be done.  I am just so grateful that I can get out and am able to do some of these things now.

Can you relate to this?

Focus can be so challenging when it comes to working on our stuff. It’s so easy to get distracted by other things going on, our intentions which can be unrealistic and all the shiny things we are finding.

Here are some Tips To Help You to Stay Focussed

  1. Get Grounded. Have a light meal or snack, and get yourself some water or a beverage of choice. Take a few minutes to just slow down your thoughts by focussing on your breathing. Be kind to yourself.
  2. Start small. One drawer, a small area in a room, a shelf, a pile of papers.
  3. Using a timer aka the Pomodoro Technique. I really love this method and use it a lot. I especially like it for writing but it also works for anything you are working on. Think about how much time you have and jump right in. It can be surprising what you can do in a short period of time. Here is more info on this technique.
  4. If you are feeling overwhelmed, easily distracted and its a space with a lot of stuff…..a really good trick is to use sheets to hide some of the other piles that you may have not looked at in awhile. Stay focused on the one area you are working on.
  5. Eliminate distractions. Turn off your phone, even better leave it in another room. Let others know you wish to not be disturbed, close the door. Listen to some quiet music if that is helpful to you.

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Happy Decluttering!

About Kim

Kim Tremblay is a Master Organizer and a Clutter Coach. She has worked with individuals helping them clear the physical and emotional clutter from their lives since 2008. Kim founded and co-facilitated a Clearing Clutter Support Group which has helped hundreds of individuals to make positive changes in their lives. Kim is currently working virtually with clients helping them to clear the emotional and/or physical clutter from their lives. Kim is available to speak to your group about all things organizing.
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17 Responses to Do you have trouble with focus?

  1. Seana Turner says:

    The idea of using the sheets is so great! Sort of reminds me of when surgical teams cover up everything on a patient’s body except the part they will be working on. I know that isn’t so that they get distracted, but still, it does help keep all of the attention on the task at hand, right?

  2. I love your suggestion about using sheets to hide stuff while working on other things. I am a big fan of starting small and doing no more than 15 minutes of work simultaneously. These days we are so distracted by everything that we have lost the ability to stay focused. So, doing 15-minute increments works excellent to help you stay focused. Eventually, you can stay focused for 30 minutes or longer. I do find that usually two hours to four hours is the most you can do without getting super tired when decluttering a home.

    • Kim says:

      Thanks for commenting Sabrina – It is so true that we are all so easily distracted these days. Smaller increments of time and slowly moving up to more time is a good way to go.

  3. No matter how organized or productive we tend to be, we all have those days when the beach balls roll into our yards. I hope it has a lovely life.

    • Kim says:

      Right – We really do have those type of days. it was so funny after the fact but I really wanted to save the beach ball for my neighbours kids. I will probably tell her about it when I see her. lol

  4. I can so see this happening!
    Like the others, I think that using sheets to hide what you are not focusing your attention on is a great idea.

  5. Julie Stobbe says:

    I find if I have a to-do list I can focus well. If I stick to the list it stops me from jumping from one thing to another without completing anything. When I start jumping from task to task, I stop, take a breath, comment on what is happening, settle myself and decide on what I am going do to. I think the conscious decision to do a certain task makes me successful. If it is an unconscious choice that is when I start jumping as things pop up in my consciousness.

  6. I very much relate to your story. I go to accomplish a task, and on my way, something reminds me of something else I want to take care of. It’ll only take a second, I think to myself. Well, I may have finished this side task, but then I see something else and completely forget what my original task was. Oops!

  7. The sheet idea is so great! When my house is disorganized it can feel like everywhere I walk there’s something yelling at me. “Put me back!” “Sort me!”

    A sheet to help me focus would be great.

  8. Julie Bestry says:

    The sheet idea is great — as Seana mentioned, it’s a metaphorical surgical approach to eliminating distractions. Another alternative is to move yourself, with just one item/task to a room that is devoid of anything else. When I worked in TV, and couldn’t get peace away from people knocking on my door, I’d book the conference room, close the door, and have a conference of one. With nothing but one project or even one task to accomplish, it kept me from becoming unfocused.

    Meanwhile, someone in your neighborhood is looking for the Beach Ball Fairy! 🙂

    • Kim says:

      Ha ha, yes I wondered where that Beach Ball ended up. Focussing on one item/one task can be the goal and also the challenge. Thanks for commenting Julie.

  9. Those are some really good tips, Kim! Here’s something else I do: I keep a notepad handy (on the desk next to me, or in my pocket if I am moving around). Every time I think of something else I need/want to do/remember I jot it down and return to what I’m doing. That way I clear my mind and don’t worry about forgetting it while I’m focused on the task at hand.

    • Kim says:

      Hi Hazel,
      I love that tip of writing it down. I find that really helpful as well. I write notes on my phone otherwise its just too easy to forget. Thanks for commenting and sharing.

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