Hello Fall – A Time for Balance and Harmony

There is a feeling of change in the air which means that Fall must be just around the corner.  This is a great time to look at how well we are caring for ourselves and to look at the balance and harmony in our lives.  If I do not have good balance in my life I feel cranky and there is no harmony.  It feels like something is missing or that something just isn’t quite right.

Our strengths rely on this balance.  Balance and harmony create a stability for us.  We wouldn’t want to be decluttering our homes all of the time. Ideally we need to have breaks and take the time to process emotions. Anything we are doing in excess is never a good thing.

Thinking about any areas that are out of balance, and working on them one step at a time, things will start to feel better. This will help with a feeling of harmony as well. It is a process.

An interesting quote:

“Getting in balance is not so much about adopting new strategies to change your behaviours, as it is about realigning yourself in all of your thoughts so as to create a balance between what you desire and how you conduct your life on a daily basis.” Wayne Dyer

We need Balance.  We need to look at all of the areas of our lives and think about what might be out of balance.  This helps us to figure out what we want to work on in our life. We will have more balance and harmony, be more productive, creative, helpful to others and able to declutter our own homes.

These are the areas that are basic to our lives.  Think of these as foundational practices for taking care of you.

  1. Spiritual Practice/Self Care
  2. Home/Relationships
  3. Body/Physical Health
  4. Emotions/Mental Health
  5. Money/Work/Volunteer
  6. Nature/Earth/Leisure
  7. ……………………………..

Check out this cube and perhaps draw one for yourself or if you have a small box that will work too.

What are the foundations for your life, your relationships, your home, your health and your work?

What kind of supports would help you in your life?  Do you need/want more honest friendships, a satisfying job, better health, etc…………..

What can I focus on in my life right now to create more stability in my life?  What areas are out of balance?

Would you like some help with working on any of these areas? Shoot me an email or you can book a call with me here. Questions ??? Send me an email at kimtremblay@sympatico.ca

Happy Decluttering!

About Kim

I’m Kim, your go-to Professional Organizer and Virtual Coach! I’m beyond excited to embark on this clutter-free adventure with you. With a background in mental health and a passion for transforming spaces, I bring a holistic approach to decluttering. It’s not just about neatening up physical spaces; it’s about fostering a mindset shift that radiates throughout your life. I founded Space For You Clear the Clutter, Heal Your Life and have been working with individuals and groups for about 15 years. I've also trained with Professional Organizers of Canada and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.
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12 Responses to Hello Fall – A Time for Balance and Harmony

  1. I like this idea of alignment. We talk about alignment in my yoga practice. When we are out of balance, it leads to pain our bodies. The same is true for other aspects of our lives. On any given day, I may be tilting more one direction than another, but I think your point is so good. Overall, does my life feel in balance? Do I need to make some adjustments, and if so, where can I do that?

    Great questions to consider on a walk in the leaves, right?

  2. I love that Wayne Dyer quote! So often we think of balance as spending equal time on work and personal activities, but it’s really not about that! It’s about allocating our time to various activities according to their importance to our lives. Understanding one’s values can be tremendously valuable here!

    • Kim says:

      Right! I agree with you. I love that quote too. It really is about looking at what is important to each of us and putting our attention to those things. He makes so much sense.

  3. I love how the change of seasons presents or cues us to rethink, realign, and rebalance where we are. And especially if you feel out of sorts or balance, it’s valuable to use some time to think about and make the needed adjustments.

    Fall is busier, so allocating my resources (time and attention) is vital. I need time to do deep work, think, write, create, work with clients, spend time with family and friends, and relax. I need time NOT to do too.

  4. My schedule changes with the seasons. That helps to bring balance to my life through variety and change on a regular basis. My major priority is relationships. I always put them first and change what I need to so I can be of assistance to others and myself. It is so easy to lose your balance and feel too much pain from over exercising, burnt out from over working, sad and lonely from too few social engagements and unappreciated from not sharing of your talents.

  5. I love that. Thanks for the blog.

  6. My first comment seems to have been eaten, so I’ll try again. Mostly, I was saying that alignment is the perfect metaphor. With cars, everything starts out ideally balanced, but as we travel rough roads, our wheels get misaligned, and nothing functions optimally. By rebalancing, putting our attention and focus where it’s most needed, we can move forward safely. Unfortunately, I think we all tend to put most of our focus on maybe two of those categories you indicated, which is like turning a sharp corner on two wheels. We can do it, but we’re scaring the neighbors and getting bruised by the seatbelt!

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