Creative Storage and Organizing Solutions for Small Spaces

I love finding creative new organizing solutions for my home and I love it when I can help my clients to find the same. A lot of us have small spaces so it can be important to figure out how we can store items that we need to keep.

Use a small dresser or a shelf in a closet or a bathroom to store items in – I love this idea

Credit: Rex Van Del

Crates are fun and can be used in so many ways. A friend of mine has hers standing up on a table with her books piled in there. It looks great. They can be used to make book shelves or just stack two of them in a bathroom for towels, etc.

A coffee table or your television stand can be a great place to store some things that you might need in your living area. Foot stools can also be handy for storing things.

Here is ours – I had trouble finding baskets to fit – I feel inspired now to look again

I love baskets and use them in my home in numerous ways. I took down a couple of cupboard doors in the kitchen years ago and put these baskets in instead. One is used for tea and the other is for crackers. I have a small kitchen (which I am planning to update this year to make it more user friendly for us). I use baskets for snacks, on my dresser and in the bathroom to hold items. They just keep everything so neat. Tip: If you find that you have a pile of things accumulating……this might be a good place for a basket.

“Going out to look for new bins can be a distraction from doing the actual work”

The beginning of the year is the time when retail stores are marketing their bins for sale. I really believe its best to hold off on that. It is best to sort, declutter and organize first and see what you have. You will see what you absolutely need to store and you might even find that you have some empty bins or other storage solutions. Tip: If you are storing things that you need to keep in a cardboard box, I would definitely switch up to a plastic bin. Otherwise if you cannot do that, keep the cardboard up off of the floor.

If you have been following me for awhile, you know I am not a big fan of under the bed storage but if you have limited space this might be the best solution. I would suggest bins if they fit or zippered plastic cases.

There are so many great ideas on Pinterest. You can search any challenge or idea you are thinking about. Check out my page here

What creative storage and organizing solutions have you found in your home?

Happy Decluttering and Organizing

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12 Responses to Creative Storage and Organizing Solutions for Small Spaces

  1. My ex and I bought an antique dresser from a neighbour and found the perfect home for it at the top of the stairs, right outside the bathroom, and stored our linens in it. That was decades ago, and I still have the dresser, and it’s played many roles since then, though it’s never had the chance to be the showpiece again. Right now it holds all my knitting supplies.

    • Kim says:

      Thank you Janet – its so great when you find that perfect space. Its just so satisfying. I have a few pieces that have played a number of roles as well.

  2. Great ideas, I love using baskets especially if they’re not too high on a shelf and you could still see the contents. Small chest is great inside a closet to add drawer storage.
    Your advice to keep cardboard boxes off the floor is great, and if there is no space for that, make sure the box is sealed completely and maybe use some insect deterring spray or powder inside the box to preserve your items.

    • Kim says:

      Hi Janet, Thank you for your comments. Great idea about the deterring spray for cardboard boxes. There is nothing worse than opening up your box only to find the contents ruined. EEK!

  3. It’s always fun finding clever ways to store the ‘stuff’ of life. I love the solutions you shared. Like you, I’m a fan of open bins and baskets.

    We repurposed a dresser for the entryway, and now it holds shoes, keys, and candles. We also took a 2 section cubby unit and added a base and cushion on top. We can sit on it when putting on our shoes. It also holds the shoes we’re taking off. I put some liner in the bottom of the cubbies so the wet or dirty shoes keep the cubby clean.

    • Kim says:

      Those are really great ideas Linda – It is so good when we know that a certain area (like an entranceway) can benefit from a storage solution and we have something that works perfectly.

  4. Using every inch makes a big difference in a small space. Baskets are a Catch 22 for me. I don’t really like anything accumulating, and I know if I put out a basket, people will dump stuff inside. On the other hand, a basket tucked into a shelving unit with a specific purpose is awesome. I have some of these in my basement for “entertainment” supplies.

    I also have under the bed bins in a couple of rooms. I think the Feng Shui people don’t like this, but sometimes I just need the storage space!

  5. Jill Katz says:

    Baskets and hooks have always been a go-to solution when my kids were little. My oldest daughter still can’t get her coat into the hall closet. We have a hook and basket in the place where she used to drop it on the floor after school and she still uses it!

  6. Corralling things to make them attractive (as long as it doesn’t mean organized clutter) is the bomb! Younger Boomers and older GenX (like moi) were broke upon leaving college and learned to decorate and organize with “found items” (often found in our parents’ basements or from what other students left behind). My sister has always been incredibly creative, going beyond baskets and milk crates to turn found items into storage furniture. I’m less adept, but I’ve been using a patio table and a desk my mom built in the 1950s for creative storage for almost 40 years.

    • Kim says:

      Hi Julie,
      It’s great when we can be creative and use what we already have to serve as another purpose. I love that you still have furniture that you have had for over 40 years. I think I do too!

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