About Kim and Space For You

Kim Tremblay

Peace of Mind Starts With Space For You

Hi there – I am Kim and I am a Clutter Coach. I am semi-retired, worked in mental health for many years and now am following my passion in life!  

I help people focus on what is important in their life. 

How? By helping them declutter both physical and emotional clutter so that they can live a more intentional and meaningful life!  

As your Clutter Coach, I bring over 14 years experience working with people one-on-one in their homes and  group settings. I designed and facilitated a Clearing Clutter Support Group after I became inspired by my clients who were struggling with clutter in their homes.

I love organizing and helping you to organize and to make space for yourself and your loved ones. I love cleaning up my own space by re-organizing and decluttering. 

Changing up the energy in my own home helps me to feel clear, focused and organized. 

I love upgrading and improving my home and my life. That is my happy place and I love helping others to find their happy place too. 

My current goals are to work on sorting and going through one area per week and letting go of as much as possible. I feel like I am slowly getting more into the Minimalist Movement and just wanting to live as simply as possible with focused intention. 

I feel so honored to be on this journey with you!

More about Kim…

Kim has trained with the Professional Organizers of Canada as well as the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. She lives in London, Ontario with her family. 

Kim is down to earth, a self help junkie, loves all things organizing, and loves setting and working on goals. Kim is a bit rough around the edges, never gives up, has a very positive attitude and shares her own decluttering challenges along with you as she works on downsizing and simplifying her life. 

Kim has a daily yoga and meditation practice and is working every day on living a more intentional life.

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