About Kim


I am an introvert but most people do not believe me.  I live with my partner of three years and am very happy in love. I love yoga and meditation which really helps to keep me grounded.  I love  decluttering and puttering around my home and of course I love to help others to organize their homes. I am in my happy place if I am cleaning up or changing a room around.   I love spirituality and  attending moon ceremonies.  I believe that we all need to work on ourselves, figure out who we are and treat ourselves with compassion and kindness.  We are then able to help others with caring and compassion.

I worked in mental health for over 35 years.  I know, I was 12 when I started. haha!  I have been very honoured to do this work and retired from my full time job in December of 2018.  I am excited about what is next on my journey with this work helping others to make space for themselves.

I discovered that I have a passion for working with individuals who have hoarding disorder and/or clutter challenges.  I started the Clearing Clutter Support Group back in 2007 and have offered three 8 week sessions every year since.  I see the difference this group makes in the lives of individuals who in the past may have been very isolated.   I love to help individuals to make positive changes in their lives, to make space for what is important and to gain a sense of control over their environment and their lives.

Would you like to know how I came up with this Business Name?

Check out this post https://spaceforyou.ca/2011/10/24/why-space-for-you/

Space For You creates space for you!  Clear The Clutter, Heal Your Life!

I am a proud member of the Institute For Challenging Disorganization