Are you ready to start clearing the clutter and to take control of your life?  

Do you feel like it is time to become more clear about what you want in your life and home?

Having this awareness is the first step and taking action is what will help you to get motivated to make some positive changes in your life.

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Space For You Offerings

Pkg # 1  Organizing Support by Email $50.00

Send me an email (with up to 4 photos) of your room, closet or other area and your biggest challenge and goals for that area.  I will send you a personalized response with helpful tips, advice, product ideas, encouragement, and/or resources specific to your situation.  

Pkg # 2  Organizing Support for 1 – 2 Rooms (online) – $200.00 (one month)

Pkg # 3 Organizing Support for 3-5 Rooms (online)  – $500.00 (three months)

Pkg’s #2 and #3 include Free Consultation (20 minutes), Intake and Personalized Step by Step Plan for your space (60 minutes), Weekly 40 minute Zoom Calls, Follow up emails after each session. Unlimited Email Support, Supplies and Product Recommendations as needed.

* Please note that group packages may take  longer than the one or three months depending on how fast you are able to work.  You have up to six months to access your organizing support.  

Virtual Organizing by the hour – $50.00 per hour

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Virtual Organizing/Coaching Services

Virtual Organizing is the process of helping you to organize and declutter remotely using technology like your phone, email, digital photos, videos, and video calls ie: Zoom or FaceTime.  Virtual Organizing includes support, structure, timing, goals and accountability. The only difference is that you do the physical organizing along with guidance and support.

Benefits of Virtual Organizing/Coaching:

  • Cost effective because you are doing the work on your own (or with a helper)
  • Great for a tight schedule
  • You can live anywhere in the world and get some help
  • Having to be accountable will be a huge motivator for you 
  • Empowering as you learn new skills and develop confidence
  • Notes including suggestions, insights and re-cap of tasks will be sent out to you after the call

Virtual Organizing/Coaching is for you if you:  

  • are motivated to work on your own and do some homework
  • have computer access and are somewhat computer savvy (shared pictures are helpful)
  • have accessibility to FaceTime or Zoom (you will likely need a data plan)
  • need some help with accountability and maintenance 

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