• Blessings from a Near Death Experience and a New Book Launch
    I can honestly say I have had a near death experience. Scariest moments of my life. It was the storm that touched down on Saturday, May 21.  Apparently, there were two tornados that touched down in the London area.   I believe I knew there was a storm coming.  My partner left to get an … Continue reading
  • Arts and Crafts and Hobbies – Oh My!
    Need some inspiration to start to organize your arts and crafts supplies? Check out these great tips! Continue reading
  • How to Organize Your Paperwork
    It is really important to figure out your own personal style when it comes to organizing and dealing with your paperwork. We are all so very unique and what works for me might not work for you and vice versa. Paperwork can feel overwhelming especially when we need to make a decision about ever single … Continue reading
  • What Can You Do in Ten Minutes?
    This is a popular challenge that we practice in the Declutter Your Life and Mind Group and members love it……because it is so much easier to think about 10 minutes at a time to do a task.   I often will do a few things when I have a couple of minutes…… As I wait … Continue reading
  • Do You Want To Be The Queen Of Your Home?
    Or maybe the King?  Do you know what you want for your home and your life?  How do you feel when you walk into a room?  What do you notice?  Do you find yourself shrugging your shoulders, just letting out a big sigh and walking away closing the door on your way out?  What are … Continue reading
  • Some of my Reflections on 2021
    When I think back on this past year, the word bittersweet comes to mind.  We (myself and my siblings) started the year by taking turns caring for my parents.  Especially my dad who was in need of daily care and help with meals and other things.  My dad passed away on February 1st at the … Continue reading
  • Clutter Free Gifts – To Give and Receive
    I really love this fun and inspirational list that was compiled by members of the Clutter Clearers’ Peer Support Group and the Declutter Your Life and Mind Facebook Group.  The thing to remember is to make sure the clutter free gifts are personal to the recipient. For example, if you prefer Tim Horton’s for coffee, … Continue reading
  • Dear Organizer, Letter From a Client
    Thank you for asking me about myself and about the challenges I face as someone who struggles with clutter and chronic disorganization.  First of all, there are reasons why I have these issues.  I may have learned these behaviours from a parent or maybe my parent was a neat freak and I just decided to … Continue reading
  • Have you heard of Swedish Death Cleaning?
    Don’t let the title scare you?  It doesn’t mean that you are planning your death anytime soon.  It means that when you are well and you have a more time to focus on your home and belongings, this is the time to really assess every area of your home. Celebrate your life and then make … Continue reading
  • Fall Routines and Productivity
    The beginning of September is a great time for new routines and to look at what routines have been established over the year.  It’s also a good time to look at the goals you set at the beginning of the year and re-assess if needed. Goals usually do change. Some get done and new ones can also … Continue reading
  • Are You Ready to Downsize Your Clothing?
    A few times a year, usually during the season changes, it is a really good idea to go through your clothing, keep what you love and what you wore during the previous season and discard anything that is old, doesn’t fit, doesn’t feel good to wear, etc. Make room for the new! Have you heard … Continue reading
  • Barriers to Clearing the Clutter? There are Solutions!
    BARRIERS Making Decisions – How are you at making decisions?  Difficulty or avoidance about making decisions can be a real barrier to clearing the clutter.  What do you think of this expression?   “Clutter is just Deferred Decision Making”. It really can be! For example, do you hear yourself saying “I will do it tomorrow … Continue reading
  • Ready For Change? Let’s Do This!
    Do you ever hear yourself saying “change is so hard” or “I really don’t like change”?  I have heard this a lot from friends and clients.  The more we say this to ourselves, the more we believe these statements to be true. Changes whether they are hard or not, will help us to grow. I … Continue reading
  • What to do with Grandma’s Tea Set?
    It’s been forever and a day since you have heard from me.  I guess I have been a bit busy as I am sure you all have been too.  It’s been such a hard time with this Covid situation which feels like will never end.   I want to share a fun story with you. … Continue reading
  • How to Get Grounded and Be More Organized
    When it comes to decluttering, do you ever feel like you are all over the map and you just don’t know where to start?  It just all feels so overwhelming at times.  So how do we get focused to do the work that we need to do?  Let’s take a breath together and think about … Continue reading
  • Motivation and Getting Past the Overwhelm
    Have you ever noticed that when you least expect it, something happens and you have to deal with it right away. All of a sudden you have to stop whatever you are doing and get this thing dealt with.  So, imagine, there is water all over the floor because the toilet overflowed or there is … Continue reading
  • What’s for Dinner During a Pandemic?
    Do you have anxiety knowing you need to get out to get groceries?  What about the big question of what’s for dinner?  What if you haven’t been cooking in your home much before the Covid19 Pandemic started?  A lot of us do not even like cooking and what about the chores surrounding the cooking? Eek!!  … Continue reading
  • How To Get Motivated? (to declutter)
    Motivation is a tricky thing and it can be hard to figure out what is going on and what holds us back.  Group members say they are not motivated or wish they were more motivated (to declutter). We are motivated to do other things that we want to do or maybe that we have to do. … Continue reading
  • How to Help Your Child Get More Organized
    Are your children organized?  Do you wish they would just pick up after themselves? Is your child a collector of sorts and cannot let anything go? Would you like to help your children to be more organized? I have to be honest here.  I don’t have any young children living in my home but I … Continue reading
  • Can De-Cluttering Be A Spiritual Practice?
    It was such an honour to be invited to speak at The Circle Women’s Collective on the topic of De-Cluttering as a Spiritual Practice. I was nervous and excited as I have been involved in The Circle on and off for many years and have always looked up to these amazing women.  This was such a … Continue reading

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