From a friend/fan – July 2020

My kind friend, I’ve been wanting to write this as the days pass, but it didn’t feel like the right time….until today!  Years ago, you and I had a conversation about your work and what hoarding means.  You gently told me that I was an emotional hoarder.  Although I didn’t know what exactly that meant at the time, over these few years I’ve learned that you were EXACTLY RIGHT!!!  I read an article you posted some time ago on the relationship between clutter and mental health that inspired me to make some changes.  I limited my news intake, logged off of social media and began the task of purging years of emotional clutter from my home.  As I purged, it was difficult to say the least!  Kim, the reason I’m writing this today is because your articles and posts have made such a HUGE impact on my life.  You’ve been my guide, without even knowing it!  I’ve cleared my ENTIRE second floor storage of items and turned 30 large bins/bags of “stuff” into a small 3 bin collection of just the most important memorabilia in my home.  It’s pretty amazing how we think that by letting go of ‘things’ make us lose parts of the people/pets that were so dear to us.  We spend so much time cherishing things people give us….when we could be spending that time creating memories and cherishing the people who are actually still here! This is still a work in progress, but as each day passes and I purge just a little more, my thoughts become a little more clear, I become a little happier and I stat to enjoy my space and freedom again! There definitely is a direct relationship between clutter and mental health.  It’s so liberating to feel that peace when my head hits the pillow, instead of that overwhelming feeling of “how can I ever enjoy my space with all this ‘stuff’ around me?”.  If you’ve ever wondered for one minute “Am I reaching people? Am I making a difference for someone?”, please just know how much of an impact you’ve made on my life!  I will forever be grateful to you and the work that you do! I’m certain I’m not the only one you’ve touched with your talent, your kindness and your beautiful soul!  I just wanted to say thank you! M.L.

On the FREE 5 Day Declutter Your Life and Mind Challenge – April 2020 

Here’s some feedback on the Five Day Challenge that I did last month: The biggest reward I got from this challenge was Peace of Mind. I was challenged to actually get some things off of my To Do list – you know those little things that keep nagging at you? Well I did them and they are done and I don’t have to worry about them anymore. Day 4 was about pondering and I found that I’m always hurrying. I’m a type A person and ALWAYS have to be doing something. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and I’m at home and I really don’t have much on my To Do list except everyday stuff, so I decided to slow down! It’s easy to slip back into old habits, so I’m glad I took this Refresher Course.   L.L.

On a One Time Workshop offered in the Grotto

“Thanks for hosting the workshop on Saturday. It helped me to get clear on my priorities for my own space and yesterday I made time to get my favorite room in order by doing a bit of tidying and shifting some items around and then smudged it when I was done…thanks Helen for the reminder that any time is a good time to smudge (I kept thinking I would wait until I got every room complete and then do the whole house) Now I will smudge room by room and do the whole space in the end as well… I feel so much more at ease and motivated to tackle other things in my home…
It was a great reminder and awarness for me that even though my business is helping people with their space, we can all benifit from outside support even when we “know” what to do”  Lori Joseph Owner of Love My Space

“Just a quick note to say thank you for a wonderful Saturday morning. A great group of women..a serene space..wonderful learning! Doing a lot of reflecting on what we shared”.
G. Meriano

On a 6 Week Clear The Clutter Group

“It is my pleasure to recommend Kim for any training opportunities that are intended to help individuals to organize their lives.  I first attended a presentation by Kim at a London Public Library with standing room only.  I then enrolled in a course that she was offering elsewhere.  I was very impressed with Kim’s ability to make a positive difference in my professional and personal life.  I thoroughly looked forward to our weekly classes.  I now feel more in control of my life, less stressed and more supported as a result of her services.  I can highly recommend Kim for the caring and knowledge that she possesses”.  W. Robertson