Space For You Offerings

Pkg # 1  Organizing Support by Email $50.00

Send me an email (with up to 4 photos) of your room, closet or other area and your biggest challenge and goals for that area.  I will send you a personalized response with helpful tips, advice, product ideas, encouragement, and/or resources specific to your situation.  

Pkg # 2  Organizing Support for 1 – 2 Rooms (online) – $200.00 (one month)

Pkg # 3 Organizing Support for 3-5 Rooms (online)  – $500.00 (three months)

Pkg’s #2 and #3 include Free Consultation (20 minutes), Intake and Personalized Step by Step Plan for your space (60 minutes), Weekly 30 minute Zoom Calls, Follow up emails after each session. Unlimited Email Support, Supplies and Product Recommendations as needed.

Virtual Organizing by the hour – $50.00 per hour

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Virtual Organizing/Coaching Services

Virtual Organizing is the process of helping you to become organized remotely using technology like your telephone, email, digital photos, videos, and video calls ie: Zoom or FaceTime.  Virtual Organizing includes support, structure, timing, goals and accountability. The only difference from in person organizing is that you do the physical organizing and I will  provide guidance and support. 

Benefits of Virtual Organizing/Coaching: 

  • Cost effective because you are doing the work on your own
  • Great for a tight schedule
  • You can live anywhere in the world 
  • Accountability is a huge motivator and benefit for you
  • Empowering for you as you learn new skills and develop confidence

Virtual Organizing/Coaching is for you if you: 

  • are motivated to work on your own  and do some homework
  • have computer access and are somewhat computer savvy (shared pictures are helpful)
  • have accessibility to FaceTime or Zoom (you will likely need a data plan)
  • need some help with motivation, accountability and maintenance

Why Work With Me? 

As your Clutter Coach, I bring over 10 years experience working with individuals and groups. I can help you to gain more awareness, clarity and confidence in gaining control over your space.  After working with me you will  know what you need to do in order to clear the emotional and physical clutter that holds you back from living your best life. 

I  have worked with clients one on one in their homes and also in group settings. I designed and facilitated a Clearing Clutter Support Group for many years which really helped people to make huge progress in their homes. 

I am currently working  with individuals offering coaching and virtual organizing online. When I work with you, I will encourage you wherever you are at, supporting you with your goals and honouring you on your journey. 

Together with you, we will develop an action plan that will help you to go from feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start, to feeling motivated, confident and proud of the progress you will make in your home.  

I have been trained by the Professional Organizers of Canada and The Institute for Challenging Disorganization

What others are saying ……………..

“I highly recommend Kim’s services. Consider making the investment for your peace of mind and mental health. I’ve struggled with a project (cluttered filing cabinet) for years making small progress here and there, but nothing noticeable. I purchased two virtual sessions through Kim, it was a game-changer. My filing cabinet is organized – She has been a great coach while on this decluttering journey. Don’t second guess yourself, just reach out to her.” (J.T.)

Kim is passionate about supporting individuals through their clutter. Yet her manner is focused, calm, and empowering. She is excellent at reinforcing strategies she teaches, and follows up with helpful hints. There is never judgement, just sensible strategies, sensitive support and some good humour worked in. AJ

Contact Kim Tremblay  for a free 20 minute call today

Happy Decluttering! I look forward to working with you!