Getting Motivated – Week 5

Getting Motivated and Staying Motivated is always a challenge and of course is never a straight line. Life is going to be up and down, good days and bad days, low energy at times, and slipping back is easy enough to do. In fact, we did have a discussion about relapse which certainly can happen even after getting more of a handle on chronic disorganization. This topic allowed us to introduce the group to the idea of the Clutter Clearers Peer Support Circle which is an ongoing maintenance group and all of the graduates from this group will be invited to attend at the end of this eight week session.

We did an brainstorming exercise on “Reasons Why We Don’t Want to Change” and ending with the more positive “Reasons to Change”. We always end up with more reasons to change which can help with the motivation issue. Another exercise and discussion was based on motivation tips to help individuals move forward with their goals.

You can see what happened with this exercise at a previous group session

This particular group is doing really well with their challenges, making a lot of progress, lots of insights and feelings of lightness and satisfaction with the areas they are working on. One woman talked about a bag of odds and ends (like a junk drawer) that she was just dreading going through. She was encouraged by her mom to go through it and she did and she was able to let it go without any difficulty.  Check out my tweet here:

Many of the participants are in the process of really de-cluttering and letting go and they are finding it quite satisfying.  We often repeat our mantra:


So how did I do on my challenge?  I picked a fairly easy challenge this week and it went well.  You may remember the picture from last week. It was a small shelf in the bathroom, quite cluttered, dusty, etc.  I was able to take everything off of it and I was unsure as to what I wanted to put back on there.  It’s really too small for towels even though that is what I see in magazines.  So, I decided to only put back this piece that my friend, April, made for me.  It’s a beautiful fairy surrounded by mauve flowers with her baby on one of the flowers.  It is something I have always loved.  Check out the picture at the top of this post. If you would like to see some of my friends beautiful dolls you can check it out here.

So, challenges are on for this week.  The group is motivated.  We talked a lot about clothing and books this week.  So, my challenge this week is to go through a pile of books that are kind of hidden in my bedroom.  Yes, I have my secrets too lol.  They are mixed up with journals, books started but maybe never finished and other books I might want to read.  It’s all about getting focused and working on one of my own goals for this year which is to read more books.

Thanks so much for following along with us. What are your goals for this week?  or this year?

About Kim

Kim Tremblay is a Master Organizer and a Clutter Coach. She has worked with individuals helping them clear the physical and emotional clutter from their lives since 2008. Kim founded and co-facilitated a Clearing Clutter Support Group which has helped hundreds of individuals to make positive changes in their lives. Kim is currently working virtually with clients helping them to clear the emotional and/or physical clutter from their lives. Kim is available to speak to your group about all things organizing.
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4 Responses to Getting Motivated – Week 5

  1. Seana Turner says:

    I love that you used your shelf in a way that brings you joy. We don’t need to use our spaces the way that we see in magazines, but adapt them to meet our own needs and desires. Great that your group can support each other as they work through bite-sized challenges. It is one bite at a time that finishes a meal, right? My goal for this week is to peek into the attic and identify 3 things to remove!

    • Kimberley says:

      Awesome Seana, So true!! I love your goal for the week and that you challenge yourself as well. It helps us to be able to understand how to help clients. The accountability factor really helps with motivation and follow up with our own goals.

  2. I love your “small is huge” mantra – that can apply to so many things that we do. How many times do we procrastinate about something, only to discover that it wasn’t as difficult or time-consuming as we expected? And every time that happens, it motivates us to tackle the next thing.

    • Kimberley says:

      Isn’t that so true Janet? I know I can spend a lot of time worrying about things. And then things just have a way of working out anyway. Thanks for commenting.

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