The Comfort Quilt – A Story of Friendship and Support

“I never could imagine myself needing The Comfort Quilt.  When one of our friends brought the Comfort Quilt over to me…. I was thinking I don’t need or want this quilt.”

The Comfort Quilt

This is what I sent back to my friends…..

“I am just feeling so blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive circle of women in my life. Thank you all for your kind support. Lady Bug brought me the Comfort Quilt and I always thought I would never want it. Ugh!! 

However, I can’t believe how I feel having it draped over me. I just feel so enveloped in love and I just think about the stories that are all stitched in there as well as all of the new stories that this quilt holds. If this quilt could talk oh the stories it would tell.”

Some of you might know that I fractured my ankle and had to have surgery almost one month ago.  This was on our first day of vacation so not very much fun at all.  I am definitely on my healing journey but it has been so challenging to not be able to do what I am used to doing. Being stuck in a chair and being dependant on someone else for everything is so different for me. I am grateful to my amazing partner who has really stepped up. I am learning so much as I go through this process. So, that is how I acquired the Comfort Quilt.

This is a story that goes back about 30 years or so. It is a story about love, friendship, loss, healing, support and a community of friends. This quilt was born out of a need of comfort when our group members shared their own personal stories of loss and hardships.  

It just so happened that one of our nine friends who were meeting that day had just received a donation of a box of fabric. We had no idea what was in the box but after our group share we opened it up. It was full of beautiful velveteen pieces and the Comfort Quilt idea was born. 

We decided we would each do our own crazy quilt square reflecting warmth and caring.  

My Square

Our intention was for the Comfort Quilt to be passed around to anyone who was in need of healing, support and comfort and to be a reminder that we all care.  

It took us about two years to finish the quilt and we knew that it was the right amount of time needed.  Much healing happened as we worked on our squares.  It kept us warm as it was a central focus point for our gatherings. It has been the opening for many conversations and updates on our lives. It has been the perfect reflection of the courage and love and determination this group of friends continue to have for each other today.

For thirty years this quilt has been passed around to women in our circles whenever they have been in need of comfort.  Stories have been shared and they are so beautiful and heartfelt. The stories could be woven into a beautiful book someday so that is a story for another day!

Our circle has widened over the years and many people have experienced the wonderful healing powers of the quilt.  

Quotes from our friends:

“It’s doubtful that the creators of the comfort quilt knew that this creation would be the symbol of our collective love and power for decades to come. I am forever grateful for the comfort quilt, something I never wanted to have.”

“So much tenderness, love and poignancy in our stories. Isn’t it amazing we had the foresight to create this quilt together all those years ago. As if we knew that life being what it is – would have twists and turns, losses and joys for all of us. Reading our stories gives me tears and goose bumps and as always, so much respect and appreciation for all of you.”

“I wasn’t free of pain, but now I cuddled under the quilt’s velvet touch on the sofa. Even though it was July, the warmth was what I needed. Alone, but not lonely”

“The quilt and I spent many weeks together and I have come to know it quite well. The weight of the blanket is the equivalent of a collection of hugs, messages from its creators that no matter what life experience you are baring, your friends are there with you, loving you, supporting you and cheering you on. The fabric is made of the resiliency of those who came before me and the stitching weaves hope through every square. The tassels on the corners are there to gather and shed your feelings of  despair, fear and hopelessness.”

“The Comfort Quilt is a powerful healing tool and it feels so magical to have it draped across your body. It is heavy like a weighted blanket and it comes with so much love and healing intention.  It is like a really big group hug.”

Yes, we have all come to know the comfort quilt quite well…

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5 Responses to The Comfort Quilt – A Story of Friendship and Support

  1. Kim- I am so sorry that you fractured your ankle and underwent surgery. I can only imagine how challenging it was emotionally and physically for this to happen, especially while on vacation. As someone who is used to helping others and being independent, having to rely on others can be challenging. But I love how you leaned into what needed to be and felt the love, support, and warmth from your partner and circle of friends. The Comfort Quilt story is amazing. I could feel the warmth and compassion come through as I read what you wrote about it.

    Here’s to you and feeling better soon. Extra love and hugs.

    • Kim says:

      Thank you Linda – Yes, it has been challenging but I am trying to embrace what is and surrender to the lessons that this is to teach me.

  2. So sorry to hear about your ankle. I love the idea of the comfort quilt! I have never heard of it before. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Oh, Kim, I am so sorry to hear about your injury, but it seems like (at least) it’s giving you the opportunity to slow down, look around, and appreciate the emotional largesse of having a circle of friends and a tangible representation of their caring love.

    Heal quickly and well!

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