What is your Resistance to Clearing the Clutter?

What is your resistance to clearing the clutter?

What do you think holds you back from moving forward?  I believe these three things are tied together.

  • Resistance
  • Your Inner Critic
  • Limiting Beliefs


Think about something that you have wanted to do, you think about doing it but can’t seem to get started.  Maybe it is something that has been on your to do list forever.

What thoughts come up for you?  The reasons why you can’t do it – limited budget, lack of time, too many commitments, the goal is too big, no related skills, etc.

All of these can be just excuses which = resistance to change which can = clutter

When you say you want to make a change but take no action to support it….what are you saying about yourself?  “I am not important enough, my needs don’t matter,  others needs are more important than mine”.  What else?

Your Inner Critic

  • Is not a fan of change
  • Wants to keep you safe
  • Likes to stay where things feel familiar and comfortable
  • Does not want to rock the boat
  • Is a loving little liar
  • Is scared so she makes up all kinds of excuses so you won’t make progress

The clutter she thinks you can’t handle could be keeping you from getting that great job, meeting a new partner, or improving your health. It’s not the clutter your inner critic wants to hold onto, it’s the fear of change and the protection from what feels like a big scary goal.

I have a great example of this.  I was scheduled to present a one and a half hour workshop on this very topic which was coming up in a couple of weeks.  I was driving to work one day and was thinking about this and thinking “oh no, why did I sign up to do this, what was I thinking, what do I really know anyway?”  Fear was setting in but I knew right away that this was just my little scared self and my inner critic wanting to keep me safe and inside my comfort zone.  Knowing this can really help you to feel like you can move forward and take some risks even if they are scary.

Limiting Beliefs

Some examples of limiting beliefs are things like excuses (see above), negative thoughts, worries, beliefs from the past ie: family values, past failures, fears, etc.

You can see how these three areas are similar and are tied together.

The way to overcome the challenges of your own limiting beliefs is to change them to something new, a new belief.  Remember, you have learned the lessons from the past and are ready to move on and ready for new experiences and new empowering beliefs.

You have to be able to give it up…..for example:  you could say “I’m done with that, I’m ready for the lesson and I have learned from it.  Thank you I am ready to experience something new.  I am ready to move on.

Are you ready to let go of your resistance to clearing?  What stops you in your tracks?  Please share in the comments below.


About Kimberley

I am a Case Manager at My Sisters' Place which is a program of the Canadian Mental Health Association London Middlesex. My Sisters' Place is a program for vulnerable women. I love my job and all the wonderful women I work with. I am very honored to do this work with women who have been through so much and are so open in sharing their stories. I initiated and designed a Clearing Clutter Support Group which I have been facilitating since 2007 with a co-worker. I love running this group and learn so much from the participants. We offer this eight week program three or four times a year. I started my business Space For You in 2010 and work with individuals in their homes as well as offer some workshops in the community. I am available to speak to groups on "De-Cluttering Your Life", "The Magic of De-Cluttering", "Space Clearing" or really anything to do with clutter and hoarding.
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6 Responses to What is your Resistance to Clearing the Clutter?

  1. Seana Turner says:

    That inner critic is such a nuisance! I hear clients battling that voice all the time, and I certainly have my own struggles (not so much with clearing clutter, but with other things.) Sometimes we need another voice to tell us that we are believing a lie, and that can help us move on.

    • Kimberley says:

      Yes, that is so true. It is such a sneaky little devil but once we can recognize what is going on it can help us to change the thought and yes, move on. Thank you for your comment

  2. I can really relate to this. There have been many times I’ve approached a new project with the fear that I’ve taken on more than I can handle. In some cases, I’ve turned around and said I couldn’t do it after all, but most of the time I proceed and it all works out great. You’d think that would make it less scary the next time, but it doesn’t seem to!

    • Kimberley says:

      Wow, Janet that is so awesome – you are a trooper for sure. You challenge yourself and go for it. and yes, I agree, you’d think it would make it less scary but it sure doesn’t feel like it. I think we are gaining more confidence all the time though, maybe its just not always so noticeable. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Limiting beliefs can really hamper our efforts in any area. It’s hard to break down those barriers and really dream big but it’s usually really worth it!

  4. Kimberley says:

    Hi Hilda, Thanks for your comment. I definitely need to work on my limiting beliefs. They are so old and ingrained so can take a bit of work and attention but yes so worth it. 🙂

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