Getting Past Fear and Emotional Clutter

It is so much easier to stay in our comfort zone where we know what to expect and we don’t have to upset the boat. We really want to avoid uncomfortable feelings that may come up if we try to make some changes in our lives. We might worry about hurting others or not pleasing others and put our own needs on the back burner.

Fear seems to be the buzz word these days.  It’s all about the fear.  Most of us have some real fear about letting go of clutter, both physical and emotional.  What is this fear about? What will it mean for me if I no longer have this thing, this relationship, this activity, this habit, this addiction? Then what? The unknown is very scary. This is Emotional Clutter.

What is Emotional Clutter…..anything that gets in the way of the enjoyment of your life or you living your life to the fullest.  This could be anything that takes up your time and energy and leaves you feeling resentful and drained. Things like unhealthy relationships, bad habits, old patterns of behaviours that no longer serve and activities that are not nourishing to your soul. It is challenging to change these behaviours especially if they have been going on for a long time.

Getting rid of physical clutter will help to shift emotional clutter. If you are feeling particularly stuck, working on the emotional clutter is likely the best place to start. Clearing one, the other follows.

How do we get past the fear and how can we work on our own emotional clutter?

Know Yourself: This is where focusing on priorities and goals, and following your dreams can be so helpful and enlightening because it helps you to pave the way for what you want for yourself and for your life. Journaling, Visioning, Reading and Sharing with others are great tools that you can use to help with this.

Challenge Yourself: It may not be as difficult as you think it will be. Usually the fear is worse than actually getting started. Start with small changes and see what happens. Pay attention to the emotions that come up. “Small is huge” is our motto in the Clearing Clutter Support Group.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway: I love this expression and I know there is a book with the same name that I read many years ago. I tell my clients who have panic or anxiety attacks that (as long as they are in a safe place) when they feel an attack coming on and they know what it is they can try thinking “bring it on, give me your best shot” and going with it instead of trying to make it go away. If you can allow the feelings, emotions and pain and go through them rather than avoid this will lesson the power that they have over you. Trying to avoid the pain can make it worse.

“What you resist not only persists, but will grow in size? Carl Gustav Jung

What are some of the benefits that you can think of for dealing with Emotional Clutter?

Please comment below and share this with others who would find this helpful.  Thanks for following along.

About Kim

Kim Tremblay is a Master Organizer and a Clutter Coach. She has worked with individuals helping them clear the physical and emotional clutter from their lives since 2008. Kim founded and co-facilitated a Clearing Clutter Support Group which has helped hundreds of individuals to make positive changes in their lives. Kim is currently working virtually with clients helping them to clear the emotional and/or physical clutter from their lives. Kim is available to speak to your group about all things organizing.
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6 Responses to Getting Past Fear and Emotional Clutter

  1. Just shared this post to my FB, Kim. It falls under the theme of my Mental Health Monday posts. And I love that quote by Jung; he really makes you examine your inner state!

  2. Seana Turner says:

    I can relate to that self-rationalization about staying in place. I’ve experienced that… trying to talk myself into staying put when I know deep inside it is time for a change. It does take courage and support to step out of something that is familiar, even if it isn’t great.

    • Kimberley says:

      Thank you for sharing that Seana. That is so true and and I think it depends on the situation as well. For example, its hard to leave a job or a long time marriage when there are children or money considerations…. very hard decisions. It definitely takes courage and support.

  3. Fear is such a driver, or at least it can be. And that fear of change keeps us where we are, even if we aren’t happy about the situation. I love what you shared about your willingness to let go of a relationship that wasn’t great. And by doing that you found the type of relationship that was. You didn’t let fear drive you. Inspiring!

    • Kimberley says:

      Oh wow, thanks Linda. Its great to think that I can inspire others. It was difficult and I hated having to hurt someone but in the end so much better. Thank you for commenting.

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