What’s Your Clutter and Organizing Style?

Are you a Minimalist, a Collector, a Sentimentalist or an Organized Chaos Enthusiast?

Knowing more about yourself can be the key to making progress in your home and also in your life. We all have our unique personalities and our own ways of being in the world.

All of these styles have their own set of unique strengths and skills that will help you as you navigate on this journey called life. You are not alone! Many of us have the same styles.

Here are the styles including a few of the traits.


As a Minimalist you prefer to keep your living space clutter-free.

Minimalism is a lifestyle that focuses on simplifying your life, living intentionally with fewer possessions and focusing only on the things you need.

You believe in the philosophy of ‘less is more’ and value simplicity and organization. It means making conscious choices about what you buy and how you live your life. 


As a Collector you enjoy surrounding yourself with various items that hold sentimental or aesthetic value. 

Your living space reflects your diverse interests and passions. 

You are able to make decisions about donating items from your home that you no longer need.


As a Sentimentalist you are strongly influenced by your emotions and lead with your heart, and your living space is filled with cherished memories and mementos.

This can be a wonderful quality to have because it allows you to cherish your experiences and the people you love. However, it can also make it difficult for you to let go of things that are no longer serving you.

Organized Chaos Enthusiast

As an Organized Chaos Enthusiast you thrive in an environment where things may appear messy, but have their own unique order. You enjoy the thrill of finding order in chaos and you have the ability to find patterns and create systems that work for you.

Feeling chaotic yet organized allows you to be creative. You are in your happy place when you are creating even if its messy.

What’s Your Clutter and Organizing Style?

To find out even more about your own personal style take the quiz

After taking the quiz you will learn more about yourself and how you can work with your own personal style to help you to make progress in your home. Focussing on your strengths can only enhance your life and help you to make progress on your decluttering journey .

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Happy Decluttering!

About Kim

I’m Kim, your go-to Professional Organizer and Virtual Coach! I’m beyond excited to embark on this clutter-free adventure with you. With a background in mental health and a passion for transforming spaces, I bring a holistic approach to decluttering. It’s not just about neatening up physical spaces; it’s about fostering a mindset shift that radiates throughout your life. I founded Space For You Clear the Clutter, Heal Your Life and have been working with individuals and groups for about 15 years. I've also trained with Professional Organizers of Canada and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.
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10 Responses to What’s Your Clutter and Organizing Style?

  1. I love how you have honored the different personality types. Each has it’s own unique advantages. I can’t live with a lot of clutter, and clear surfaces with just a bit of “merchandising” of my favorites possessions is my mojo. I also like nice lighting.

    That said, I love visiting people with neat finds and memories all over their home. These makes for great conversations, helping me learn more about them!

    • Kim says:

      Thanks Seana, I am so like you as well. I love visiting others with their cool treasures and finds in their homes. Often they look so stylish where I find in my home it looks like clutter. Ugh!

  2. What a fun quiz, but I was borderline for so many questions. It’s so easy to help my clients, and my things are very organized, but I admit that letting go of some sentimental items can be hard, so I keep only very specific (and low-clutter) sentimental items. I leaned more toward Collector than sentimentalist, but displaying my items doesn’t jazz me as much as knowing I can access them quickly and easily.

    I love how you spelled out your take on personality types vis-a-vis clutter/treasures.

    • Kim says:

      Hi Julie – thank you so much! It’s so good to know it is fun and you are quite fun too! lol I agree that most of us can probably relate to all of the styles. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Chantal says:

    Love the quiz! By the sounds of it I’m a minimalist. Unfortunately, not in my office space – my desk seems to be a magnet for paper (talk about paperless office …).

    • Kim says:

      Hi Chantal, Thanks for doing the quiz. Offices and paperwork can be tough. It’s mostly a creative mess as busy entrepreneurs. Thanks for your comment.

  4. I’m reading Julie’s comment and laughing as she describes herself as “borderline” for many of the questions. I’m similar because I’m a Collector and a Sentimentalist. I have a variety of collections (Pez dispensers, miniatures, fidgets) and objects that evoke memories, emotions, people, and places.

    And even though I have “stuff,” I like a clutter-free space. I don’t perceive the things I have as clutter. They have homes and present to me as colorful and energetic.

    • Kim says:

      Thank you for checking out the quiz. Yes, it sounds like there is a theme of relating to all of the styles with the quiz. Borderline perhaps? Thanks for your comment!

  5. I love how you differentiated different personality types. I’m definitely a minimalist, although some of the sentimental items that I have, they are stored away and I can access them easily. It is for sure hard to let go. Seeing this happening more and more with clients. It is easy for them to let go when they’re downsizing and moving, they just choose to let go and just keep the memories.
    Great post.

    • Kim says:

      Hi Janet, Yes I believe we can have more than one style for sure. I think that is true that when someone is downsizing and moving they are a lot more ruthless about letting go. Thanks for your comment.

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